Sheffield Hills

On the question of what is the steepest and toughest climb for cyclists in Sheffield, my verdict is Hagg Hill. This is Robin Hood Outlaw Legend of Loxley‘s top ten:

Robin Lovelace describes the descent of Hagg Hill as a “stomach-churning plunge of a roller-coaster”. BoreBike records its max gradient at 24% (right at the top); its average gradient at 19.1%; and, its ascent at 178 ft over 0.2 mile. What’s more, if we compare the calculations of Hagg Hill with those of the biggest, most arduous climbs in the Peak District, it still looks like the overall winner. Yes, it’s a real slog of a hill. This is me cycling up Hagg Hill in July 2014, with my nephew Roshan – who makes it look easy!

Music: Tumhi Ho Bandhu (from the film Cocktail) [DJ NYK CLUB MIX ]

In the spirit of Tour de Yorkshire 2014, below is me on a race up L’Alpe D’Fir Street (also featuring brother-in-law Colin, nephew Roshan, and friend Robin). The average gradient of Fir Street is somewhere between 11-12%, but when the climb actually kicks in, I’m convinced it hits 20%. For me, there’s no shame in going slow and steady, especially if one is smiling, taking it all in, and has fuel left in the tank! 😉

Music: Aag (Fire) [feat. Alyssia] by Ms Scandalous

Here’s me up the much debated Blake Street.

Music: Kurti [feat. Sir-Punj) by Bohemia

Wellfield Road – on a beautiful spring morning – was a lovely way to start Sheffield’s steepest climbs for 2016… Kent Road is next. Avanti!

Music: Mera Joota Hai Japani (from the film Shree 420)

If I were to rate the four so far in terms of difficulty, the hardest by far is Hagg Hill, followed by Fir Street, Blake Street, and then Wellfield Road.

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