It’s anti-Muslim racism, not Islamophobia

“In late modernity, authoritarian movements have arisen again that seek to ideologically combine an organic and holistic natural-social order, a purified nationality, a primeval mysticism, and a belief in a superlative civilisation that was created by an ancestral community of blood.” (Bhatt, 2000: 589) Post-9/11 sections of the British Left have championed the term ‘Islamophobia’ […]

‘Anti-Imperialism of Fools’

If you would like to follow up on the ideas presented in this podcast, please see my journal paper ‘The Anti-Imperialism of Fools’: A Cautionary Story on the Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard of England’s Post-9/11 Anti-War Movement, and Workers’ Liberty’s The British far left on Syria and Culture shift on the left.