Imperial boomerang: what Hannah Arendt actually said

“Political theorist Hannah Arendt, in The Origins of Totalitarianism, argued that racialisation and territorial expansion – two practices inherent to imperialism – laid the foundations for European fascism. Totalitarianism in Europe was an outcome of what Arendt termed the ‘imperial boomerang’. Similarly, poet and theorist Aimé Césaire argued in Discourse on Colonialism that Hitler ‘applied to Europe colonialist procedures […]

The Geography of Vaccine Politics

Image from Wikimedia Commons: The Cow-Pock—or—the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation!—vide. the Publications of ye Anti-Vaccine Society, 1802 “In this cartoon, the British satirist James Gillray caricatured a scene at the Smallpox and Inoculation Hospital at St. Pancras, showing cowpox vaccine being administered to frightened young women, and cows emerging from different parts of people’s bodies. The cartoon […]

Racism beyond the colour line

Diane Abbott’s comments published in The Observer on 23rd April 2023 differentiate between prejudice and racism, and claim that white people can experience prejudice but not racism. She cites the examples of “redheads”, alongside “Irish people, Jewish people and Travellers” – all of whom were not victims of South African apartheid or the racism of […]

Entanglements of antisemitism and transphobia on the Left

I. ANTI-JEWISH RACISM AND TRANSPHOBIA IN LIBERATORY IMAGINATIONS “Racism and patriarchal discourses/practices are similar, in that both forms of signification serve to naturalise certain ascriptive differences: racism constructs human variation as codifying inherent and immutable difference, represents it as ‘racial’ and maps this imputed difference on to social collectivities; patriarchal moves invoke sex as a […]