Bolshy Cycle Ride

…Bolshy in politics, Bolshy in hills!

  1. What is it?
  2. Training tips
  3. The shorter route
  4. The longer route
  5. Getting involved (inc. essential advice for the day of the ride)

What is it?

Anaemic On A Bike’s Bolshy Cycle Ride is an educational which takes participants through an exploration of the relationship between radical politics and cycling, and a challenge that entails some mileage with big ascents and descents in the Peak District.

There will be two routes, both starting and ending at Rivelin Valley Cafe (near Hillsborough in Sheffield) – a shorter, slightly easier one and a longer, harder one.

The Bolshy Cycle Ride isn’t about carbon toys, lycra clad legs, and time; it’s about enjoying the spirit of cycling: socialist, feminist, and bicycle politics with good countryside air and scenery, leisurely paced ups and downs, ample breaks, and a fulfilled mind and body!

All participants will receive a certificate: “I’ve completed Anaemic On A Bike’s Bolshy Cycle Ride”. There is also the “Anaemic On A Bike’s Bolshy Cycle Ride” hoodie available to purchase!Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 14.01.48

Date and start time of the ride: 10am, Sunday 3rd September 2017.

Participants will have the option of riding the shorter or the longer route, or an improvised medley of the two! There will be common meeting points for both routes, to rest and replenish, and to enjoy a political educational lead-off and discussion on radical politics and cycling!

Starting point and lead-off 1 @ Rivelin Valley Cafe (Rivelin Valley Road): A history of feminism and cycling

Rest stop and lead-off 2 @ The Strines Inn (Mortimer Road): A history of socialism and cycling

Rest stop and lead-off 3 @ The Rose and Crown Inn (Bankfield Lane, visible from the top of Spout Lane / Stannington Road): A contemporary critique of, and case for, radical politics on a bicycle

Training tips

Start with some Sheffield hill climbs if you’re local! Both the shorter and the longer route include, for example, the tug of Spout Lane, and the longer route starts meanly with Back Lane-Moor Road. So the sooner you can ‘get some hills in the legs’ the better!

I’m anaemic (on a bike) and both of these routes, at your own speed, and in your own gear ratio, are hard work and very do-able as long as you’re fit. Riding part of a hill, and walking the rest is allowed too! We all start somewhere, and cycling is more than an end goal… Indeed, the journey itself is the most precious accomplishment.

In terms of my specific training tips, I tend to vary my daily exercise to ensure a holistic workout. So, I either do a hilly ride, a hilly walk, a cross-trainer session (40 minutes at the highest resistance), or some vigorous gardening. This works for me, but see what works for you. Regular varied exercise including some rides with hills is the general recommendation!

The shorter route

For full details on Garmin, click here. Here is a PDF with a breakdown of maps and road names for the Bolshy Cycle Ride Shorter Route.


The longer route

For full details on Garmin, click here. Here is a PDF with a breakdown of maps and road names for the Bolshy Cycle Ride Longer Route.


Getting involved

Please email to register your interest.

The Bolshy Cycle Ride is a fundraising event for the socialist organisation Workers’ Liberty. Optional entry donation: £10 waged, £5 low-waged, £2.50 unwaged.

Essential advice for the day of the ride

  • Print off and study the route, or if you have a Garmin load it up
  • Cycle safely – read this NHS Safety Advice for Cyclists
  • Carry a water bottle, spare inner tube, and a pump – watch this How To Change A Bicycle Inner Tube
  • Carry enough money on you for refreshments at the rest stops, and (just in case) a taxi ride home
  • Make sure you and your bicycle are insured
  • Please be on time for the start at 10am – we will be meeting at the Rivelin Valley Cafe

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